I am available to supervise students interested in joining my research program on sustainable food systems, small-scale fisheries, food sovereignty, and participatory research. 

Current Students

  • Adelle D'Urzo, MES student (co-supervisor), Queen's University. Alternative fisheries networks in the Great Lakes. 

  • Giorgia Reeves, MES student, Queen's University. Land succession and transition on Wolfe Island.

  • Omamuyovwi (Dante) Gbejewoh, PhD student, Queen's University. On-farm conservation and agroecological transformations in southeastern Ontario.

  • Victor Odele (co-supervisor), PhD student, Queen's University. Sustainable food systems transition and Indigenous governance in Canada.

  • Jennifer Dare, PhD student, Queen's University. Food system resilience-building practices in Kingston, Ontario. 

  • Abi Rideout, BSc student, Queen's Universtiy. The role of chefs in promoting sustainable food practices.

  • Alex Abicht, BSc student, Queen's University. Infrastructure develoment for small-scale livestock production. 

Past students

  • Aidan Conrad (co-supervisor with Sebastian Linke), Master of Arts in Coastal Communities and Regional Development, University Centre of the Westfjords. Completed 2021. Anchoring fish to the shore: Lessons of small scale fisheries in Labrador applied to fisheries management in Baltic Sweden.